Was in uni from 10.30 am to 4.15pm, looking at a pc screen, totally wiped me out.

I'm now gonna have fresh popcorn, a shower, then go to my mates and cook for her.....chicken pasta. ALL in that order.

We may watch Twilight again, cos it's been days since I watched Patty on the box, and I miss him tooooooo much! xx

loves ya xx

Robert Pattinson
OMG! Serious i feel really sorry for Robert Pattinson. I could not handle that life, just taking photos every time i'm in public. Robert, don't you just wanna scream? lol


Landon Pigg
I keep wanting to call him London, guess it just come naturally to me! Well, I like this one song of his called "Falling in love at a coffee shop" It's amazing! go listen :)

Uni was awful today :( We all feel doomed due to the fact we can't get our heads round a project that is due in in 2 weeks :( HELP!

Anyway, go on Landon Piggs myspace and listen to that song Coffee Shop! Lush


I just can't stop!
Right, When I have a day off, all I want to do is check out Rob Pattinson! This is a recent development in my life, it came on so fast and furious it is becoming worrying! :p

I am hoping yo make some friends on here whom I can talk to about Rob, cos my friends just don't get it, and I get laughed at :(

Spose it doesn't help that I am older than the average stereotypical fan....I don't care, It hink he is wonderful :)

Biz xx


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